The goal of the Leadership team is to ensure the efficiency, innovativeness, and the smooth operations of the various department that exist on the server.

Googleyouryahoo Executive

Executive, Server Operations

Mr_toaster111 Executive

Executive, Imagineering Operations

Joemagic Executive

Manager, Executive Operations

Pepsiyourcoke Manager

Manager, Imagineering Operations

speed_train Manager

Manager, Park Development

Herobrine_P Manager

Manager, Marketing & Publicity

TCMaverick Cast Member

Lead, Guest Relations

Soister Affiliate

Lead, Horizon Parks
Our Servers
We provide our guests with various opportunities to enjoy themselves and experience the magic that exists in the Disney parks. We help to recall the memories that the guests may have experienced when they, themselves, have visited the parks.



Additional Information

With over 40 Cast Members on McAmusement, they’ve dedicated hundreds of hours on the recreation of Disneyland on McAmusement. Despite some losses and downfalls along the way, McAmusement still continued to move forward to create the most accurate replications of shows, rides, and buildings. McAmusement is known for their unique plugins created and coded by McAmusement and its Staff.

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