About McAmusement

McAmusement's main objective is to provide a magical experience on a whole new innovative level. The experience continues to grow everyday as we advance in new custom designed plugins only available here! With the whole Disneyland Resort currently being constructed, at a 1:1 scale, we already have much to offer with the Disneyland Park and a creative and fair server currently available to our guest. Join us and be a part of a new type of minecraft, where you can live the magic in minecraft!

How to Join

1) Download minecraft from: https://minecraft.net/en/.

2) Open the launcher, sign in, and press 'new profile' and make the version 1.9(Recommended) or 1.10.

3) Click 'Play'

4) Press the 'Add Server' button.

5) Fill in the 'Server Name' input with anything you wish.

6) Fill in the 'Server Address' input with "mcamusement.com"

7) Click 'Done'.

8) Select the server you just added and click 'Join Server'.

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